Two or 3 years ago after SHINING at a Trade Show in Stockholm, Sweden, I returned home while my shoe shine chair was still in Europe waiting to board a ship for its return journey to Montreal.

I had already been back in Montreal for 2 weeks when I received a call from my client telling me that since my chair was still in Europe, would I be interested in flying back to Europe, to SHINE for them at their Trade Show booth in Germany.

So they had a moving company transport my shoe shine chair to the Congress Center in Germany with of course all my tools and supplies.

Originally, when I got the contract to SHINE in  Stockholm, Sweden I had no idea what to expect and how much product to bring, so I brought too much, just to make certain that I would not run out.

Little did I know that I would get booked for yet another Trade Show in Europe 2 weeks later, so when I got the 2nd contract to SHINE in Germany, I had ample enough products and supplies to complete another 3 day Show.

Since that 1st time in Europe it has happened to me 3 times. So because of that possibility, whenever I get booked for a Show, that requires me to travel more than one hour, I make sure to have enough product and supplies for an additional event just in case another Event Organizer sees me in action and approaches me to SHINE at their event the following day.

Since that 1st time it happened it has happened to me 3 more times.

So this evening I am SHINING at a Corporate “Gangster Style” party at Hotel L’esterelle,  over 60 minutes away from Montreal, up North,  so of course I intentionally brought with me enough supplies for 2 Shows because you just never know when this will happen a 4th time. ……

Like every successful entrepreneur will tell you,  “No stone left unturned.” 🙂

Harry Klein

Harry Klein
Director of Business Development /
Directeur du développement des affaires

The Klein Shine services are available in 30 US States, Quebec, Ontario and Europe.
Le Petit Cireur sont disponibles dans 30 États américains, au Québec, en Ontario et en Europe.