Hire a professional shoe shine service Anyone with an exhibition booth wants lots of people visiting the booth. This is the primary purpose of getting an exhibition booth. You want to convey a message, increase sales, maintain a competitive edge, gain new customers and keep existing customers happy. In order to achieve these goals, you need to attract visitors to your exhibition booth. Different marketing ideas have been used and contemplated. However, not all exhibition and trade show marketing ideas are effective. One effective method of attracting visitors to your exhibition booth is through hiring a professional shoe shiner.

By hiring a professional shoe shiner to shine shoes in or around your exhibition booth, you present an opportunity for a steady flow of potential customers into your exhibition booth. In addition to attracting visitors to your booth, shoe shiners can also keep visitors engaged at your booth long enough to understand what your business is about. If nobody or few people visit your exhibition booth, this defeats the purpose of acquiring the booth. Hence, it is essential that adequate traffic comes to the exhibition booth.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service is an experienced shoe shine business that has worked in numerous trade shows, exhibitions and corporate events. Harry Klein’s Shoe Shiners are able to subtly blend in with your exhibition booth and business in order to attract the visitors you need. People enjoy a good service and professional shoe shiners provide a service than people will usually not refuse.

A complimentary shoe shine is a great way to break the ice. It appears as a non-intrusive act that benefits the exhibition booth visitor. As the visitors really have no place to go while their shoes are being shined, they would have more time to relax and listen to your sales pitch. In situations where there is no interest in your information or in a sales pitch, the mere presence of a professional shoe shine service in your trade show booth can still allow visitors get the opportunity to properly look around your booth or read advertising materials related to your organization.

So, consider hiring a professional shoe shiner like Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service today for your next exhibition booth. It will keep visitors in your booth and give them something to remember about their visit. When a shoe shine service is properly provided, it can be classy and tasteful. Professional shoe shiners at exhibitions and trade shows will not overwhelm your booth but are there to help you achieve your exhibition booth objectives.

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