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An Important Tip for Mobile Shoe Shiners

Two or 3 years ago after SHINING at a Trade Show in Stockholm, Sweden, I returned home while my shoe shine chair was still in Europe waiting to board a ship for its return journey to Montreal.

I had already been back in Montreal for 2 weeks when I received a call from my client telling me that since my chair was still in Europe, would I be interested in flying back to Europe, to SHINE for them at their Trade Show booth in Germany.

So they had a moving company transport my shoe shine chair to the Congress Center in Germany with of course all my tools and supplies.

Originally, when I got the contract to SHINE in  Stockholm, Sweden I had no idea what to expect and how much product to bring, so I brought too much, just to make certain that I would not run out.

Little did I know that I would get booked for yet another Trade Show in Europe 2 weeks later, so when I got the 2nd contract to SHINE in Germany, I had ample enough products and supplies to complete another 3 day Show.

Since that 1st time in Europe it has happened to me 3 times. So because of that possibility, whenever I get booked for a Show, that requires me to travel more than one hour, I make sure to have enough product and supplies for an additional event just in case another Event Organizer sees me in action and approaches me to SHINE at their event the following day.

Since that 1st time it happened it has happened to me 3 more times.

So this evening I am SHINING at a Corporate “Gangster Style” party at Hotel L’esterelle,  over 60 minutes away from Montreal, up North,  so of course I intentionally brought with me enough supplies for 2 Shows because you just never know when this will happen a 4th time. ……

Like every successful entrepreneur will tell you,  “No stone left unturned.” 🙂

Harry Klein

Harry Klein
Director of Business Development /
Directeur du développement des affaires

The Klein Shine services are available in 30 US States, Quebec, Ontario and Europe.
Le Petit Cireur sont disponibles dans 30 États américains, au Québec, en Ontario et en Europe.

The Power of the Shoe Shine ServiceCorporate events are organized for specific purposes and require effective marketing strategies. One goal of any corporate event is to maintain or improve the organization’s image. Corporate event marketing ideas that are effective and also cost efficient can be difficult to find. One corporate event marketing strategy that you can use is based on the power of a shoe shine service. What would a shoe shine service have in common with your business? This is the power of a shoe shine service. It does not have to be directly related to what your organization does in order to have a profound impact on your corporate event.

Organizers of corporate events need to consider various aspects of the event including supplies, logistics, guests and security. However, corporate event organizers also want their guests to have a good time and enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. The shoe shine service can contribute to a successful corporate event by shining shoes and polishing the image of guests and attendees at your corporate event. The successful corporate events marketing strategy of hiring a professional shoe shiner has been implemented by other organizations who hired Harry Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine Service for their corporate event.

Harry Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine has the experience and the proven track record to make your corporate event a success. As a collaborative partner, Harry Klein Shoe Shiners will complement your efforts to deliver an outstanding event and will integrate seamlessly with your environment. With classy-looking shoe shine chairs and professionally dressed shoe shiners, the objective of your corporate event can be achieved. Hence, consider the power of a shoe shine service as your corporate events marketing strategy and your secret weapon to a successful corporate event.

In addition to creating a relaxed atmosphere, a professional shoe shine service can also attract more people to your corporate event. Think about how busy trade shows and exhibitions can be. There is usually a high amount of traffic at such venues and your organization loses if it is unable to gain the required traffic coming to the booth. A shoe shiner presents a unique opportunity for corporate events marketing by not only attracting visitors to your trade show or exhibition booth, but also keeping the visitors engaged while at your corporate booth.

Corporate events marketing can benefit from the power of a professional shoe shine service by the subtle approach a professional shoe shiner provides to visitors and potential customers. The shoe shiner is there to help your business market its ideas by drawing in a constant flow of people who like the idea of a complimentary shoes shine. The power of professional shoe shiners in terms of corporate events marketing is depicted by the shoe shiners’ ability to market your business while providing a valuable shoe shining service to guests, customers and visitors.

Cocktail Party Ideas: Hire a Professional Shoe ShinerCocktail parties can be delightful occasions. So, why would hiring a professional shoe shiner be a great cocktail party idea? Even the most accomplished cocktail party host or hostess would appreciate a great cocktail party idea. Cocktail parties are a logical way to entertain different kinds of people including reserved businessmen and the neighbour next door. However, really great cocktail ideas can be somewhat scarce. Many people have the same type of cocktail party every couple of weeks and nothing really stands out as being different and substantial.

Every cocktail party host or hostess desires to have a successful cocktail party, whether the party is simple or somewhat complex. In a successful cocktail party, guests are entertained, happy, excited to be there, mingling with each other and have enough to eat and drink. There should also be a relaxed atmosphere and good conversation. If you are looking for a great cocktail party idea, think about hiring a professional shoe shiner as part of your cocktail party services!

How would this work? It is different from typical cocktail party ideas, but it does work. There are professional shoe shiners such as Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Company that specialize in participating at cocktail parties. With classy and retro-looking shoe shine chairs, Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine will fit in with your cocktail party surroundings, engage your guests and provide a useful service. Think about the pleasant surprise your guests will have when they discover that there are professional shoe shiners at the cocktail party.

It would be a great way for guests to break the ice with each other. Professional shoe shiners can help your guests relax and foster good communication amongst each other. A nice way to say hello guests you do not know quite well would be to ask the guests if there have had their shoes shined by the friendly shoe shiners. It’s a great conversation piece and guests will discuss the idea amongst other discussion points.

Cocktail party ideas that also provide guests with a useful service are also appreciated by guests. Complimentary shoe shines provided by well-dressed and friendly professional shoe shiners will leave your guests looking well-polished, long after the cocktail party is over. Guests will remember your cocktail party and be quite appreciative of your delightful cocktail party ideas. Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Service can put a shine on the shoes of your cocktail party guests and also put a shine on your cocktail party.

Hire a professional shoe shine service Anyone with an exhibition booth wants lots of people visiting the booth. This is the primary purpose of getting an exhibition booth. You want to convey a message, increase sales, maintain a competitive edge, gain new customers and keep existing customers happy. In order to achieve these goals, you need to attract visitors to your exhibition booth. Different marketing ideas have been used and contemplated. However, not all exhibition and trade show marketing ideas are effective. One effective method of attracting visitors to your exhibition booth is through hiring a professional shoe shiner.

By hiring a professional shoe shiner to shine shoes in or around your exhibition booth, you present an opportunity for a steady flow of potential customers into your exhibition booth. In addition to attracting visitors to your booth, shoe shiners can also keep visitors engaged at your booth long enough to understand what your business is about. If nobody or few people visit your exhibition booth, this defeats the purpose of acquiring the booth. Hence, it is essential that adequate traffic comes to the exhibition booth.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service is an experienced shoe shine business that has worked in numerous trade shows, exhibitions and corporate events. Harry Klein’s Shoe Shiners are able to subtly blend in with your exhibition booth and business in order to attract the visitors you need. People enjoy a good service and professional shoe shiners provide a service than people will usually not refuse.

A complimentary shoe shine is a great way to break the ice. It appears as a non-intrusive act that benefits the exhibition booth visitor. As the visitors really have no place to go while their shoes are being shined, they would have more time to relax and listen to your sales pitch. In situations where there is no interest in your information or in a sales pitch, the mere presence of a professional shoe shine service in your trade show booth can still allow visitors get the opportunity to properly look around your booth or read advertising materials related to your organization.

So, consider hiring a professional shoe shiner like Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service today for your next exhibition booth. It will keep visitors in your booth and give them something to remember about their visit. When a shoe shine service is properly provided, it can be classy and tasteful. Professional shoe shiners at exhibitions and trade shows will not overwhelm your booth but are there to help you achieve your exhibition booth objectives.

Professional Shoe Shiner at your Trade Show BoothYour business can have professional shoe shiner at your trade show booth. This may seem like an unusual idea at first, but professional shoe shiners like Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service have experience working successfully at trade show booths, exhibitions and corporate events. A professional shoe shiner can work collaboratively with any business participating in a trade show event. It can be a successful trade show marketing plan which can solidly place businesses above their competition by generating consistent traffic to the trade show booth.

The ability to generate a steady flow of traffic is one of the main benefits of having a professional shoe shiner at your trade show booth. The presence of a professional shoe shiner in or around your trade show booth is a subtle way to attract visitors to the booth. Shoe shiners can be quite disarming and present a familiar connection for trade show visitors as they decide to enter the trade show booth and learn more about your business.

The benefits of having a professional shoe shiner at your trade show booth also includes the ability to keep trade show visitors engaged while at your booth. Unlike magic acts and clowns that can achieve a brief gathering of crowds, a professional shoe shine service like Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine, will keep potential customers in your trade show booth long enough for you to make a connection with them and achieve your trade show goals. Why should your business invest money in a trade show booth if the business would be unable to get enough traffic of trade show visitors flowing steadily through the booth?

Besides the constant flow of traffic into your trade show booth and achievement of trade show objectives, another benefit of having a professional shoe shiner at your trade show booth is the lasting effect a shoe shine will have on your trade show booth visitors. Visitors will remember your booth as professional shoe shiners such as Harry Klein’s shoe Shine Company eliminate any awkwardness between the business and its visitors. Professional shoe shiners can help make trade show visitors feel at ease. Shoe shiners can also initiate the first interaction visitors have with your booth.

Even if a visitor is not initially interested in your organization or in its products and services, a professional shoe shiner at your trade show booth can help turn the situation around. By engaging visitors for about eight minutes while their shoes are being shined, professional shoe shiners can give the trade show booth employees the opportunity to spend more time talking to the visitor. This is precious time than can be used to gain new customers and provide more information to visitors.

Starting Your Own Shoe Shine BusinessStarting any business is a serious affair that should not be taken lightly. The same applies to owning your own shoe shine business. Typically, starting a shoe shine business or any business brings along its own set of challenges. However, some new business ventures may have more benefits than others and the shoe shine business does have many benefits which can make it a worthwhile venture. Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service is an example of a successful shoe shine business that had humble beginnings and has grown into a successful business.

One benefit of starting your own business, including a shoe shine business, is the ability to be your own boss and make your independent decisions about your future. For the shoe shine business, the start-up costs can be relatively low. Hence, with a relatively low investment, you can begin to generate a substantial return. It does take effort to start a shoe shine business. So, you must be prepared to put in the work required to produce a reasonable income from your new business.

While other types of businesses may require huge loans and time, a shoe shine business needs a shoe shine stand and shoe polishing materials. In some shoe shine business models, simple shoe shine chairs or no chairs are used. New shoe shine business owners may decide to begin with a less expensive business model till they have enough money to invest in fancier shoe shine chairs and other equipment. The relative ease with which a person can begin a shoe shine business makes it an appealing venture. As a result of this benefit, many famous people were shoe shiners in their early careers. It can be a fast way to make money with relatively low start-up costs.

The shoe shine business is also very adaptable. Location can be an important factor in an organization’s services. Where you place your products and services can determine how large your market-share or success will be. The benefit of starting your own shoe shine business is that you can easily adapt your business’s location to suit the conditions prevalent in the marketplace. Shoe shine services have been successfully applied in venues that include trade shows and exhibition shows. Sometimes, shoe shine services can be requested for international locations. There are few or no limits to where you can locate your new shoe shine business. If it is legal to have a business in a location, you shoe shine business can be the business that resides at the location in question.

This extreme flexibility of location also enables the shoe shine business participate in events that other businesses would not normally be allowed to participate in. The subtle approach of a professional shoe shiner helps the shoe shine business blend in with other businesses. Hence, another benefit of starting a shoe shine businesses is that it can serve as a marketing tool for other organizations.

Trade Show Marketing Services Harry Klein Professional Shoe ShineHarry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Company is an experienced professional shoe shine organization that participates in trade shows, exhibitions and corporate events. While trade show business participants may indulge in many tricks to draw attention to their trade show booths, these tricks are not very effective in creating a long-lasting flow of traffic to trade show booths. This can be very disappointing because trade shows are unique opportunities for businesses to reveal their ideas and convey information to booth visitors.

However, without sufficient traffic flowing through the trade show booth, the business fails at its objective of acquiring a booth at the trade show. Trade show marketing services can help! Effective trade show marketing services are needed to achieve good traffic in your booth during trade shows. Trade show marketing services attract visitors to your trade show booth while you deliver your company’s message. Gimmicks like clowns or magicians at trade shows may cause people to gather and turn their heads for a moment. However, this brief attraction does not guarantee that visitors will eventually visit and spend some time in your trade show booth. Effective trade show marketing services should place visitors and potential customers inside your trade show booth and keep visitors engaged while your organization’s staff discusses information about the company.

Companies use different types of trade show marketing services in an attempt to attract visitors to their trade shoe booth. Typical trade show marketing ideas include slot machines, prize wheels, cash cubes, slot machines, various types of advertising materials and even popcorn machines. Such ideas can attract people but are they effective? An effective trade show marketing service involves hiring a professional shoe shine service like the Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Company.
As an experienced company, Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine will meet your trade show marketing needs in a friendly, fun, innovative and professional manner. The shoes of visitors to your booth will be in good hands as the shoe shiners also polish the image of your company and improve your company’s reputation. With classy shoe shine stands, this professional shoe shine service is trade show marketing service that your business needs to draw in a constant flow of traffic to your booth. It is one of the best solutions for gaining and keeping a captive audience. As visitors sit in the shoe shine chair, they are in a better position to listen to your sales pitch and learn more about your business.
A professional shoe shine service at your trade show booth can become your best trade show marketing idea. Trade show events can be memorable occasions where visitors gather in or around your trade show booth, get informed about the company’s business and get their shoes shined.

Shoe Shine Service for Corporate EventsCorporate events can be memorable occasions. However, there are also corporate events that leave a lot to be desired. You can put a different shine on your corporate event by making it enjoyable and memorable. One way to improve your corporate event is to hire a professional shoe shine service.

A professional shoe shine service at your corporate events will help your event be successful. If the shoe shine service is free, your guests can also feel rewarded for just being there. It puts a smile on their faces and leaves your organization with pleasant feedback about your hospitality and ability to think outside the box. Hence, you can consider hiring a professional shoe shine service to be part of your next corporate event.

Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Service is an experienced, friendly and dedicated shoe shine company that will help make your corporate event a success. With experience in bringing friends, delegates and business groups together, Harry Klein Shoe Service presents a gentle and familiar presence at your corporate event and achieves the goal of helping your guests relax. Classy looking shoe shine stands in a corner of the corporate event venue are bound to put a smile on each person’s face. It is an innovative idea that will certainly stand out from other corporate event planning ideas.

The success of the alignment between your corporate event and the professional shoe shine service is based on the non-intrusive nature of professional shoe shine stands. These shoe shine stands are there to serve your guests, help them relax and create an appealing atmosphere for a successful corporate event. The professional shoe shine company is there to provide a shoe shining service for your guests during the duration of the corporate event. There is no rush or pressure. Guests are free to participate as they desire and this contributes to the relaxed atmosphere at your corporate event. Corporate events are also a good venue to find a lot of shoes that will appreciate being shined!

Hence, do not hesitate. Hire Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Service for your corporate events and make your event fun and positively eventful. Adapt the idea of including a professional shoe shine service in your event and step into the realm of innovative ideas that really do add value to your corporate events. Imagine the business and non-business folk who have dressed up to honour your invitation. Also image the numerous shoes at your corporate event that would really benefit from a good and classy shoe shine. Your organization can be propelled into the spotlight as your treat your guests to this innovative service. It is a great idea that you can use to enhance your corporate event and bring people together!

Professional Shoe Shiner for your Trade ShowHiring a professional shoe shiner for your next trade show is a great idea. A professional shoe shiner can blend with your trade show booth environment. The presence of a professional shoe shine service at your trade show booth attracts new and existing customers to your booth. Why would hiring a professional shoe shiner for your next trade show be a great business move for your company?

There are professional shoe shine services that work specifically with businesses during trade shows, exhibitions and other corporate events. Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine Service is an example of a classy and professional shoe shiner that can be hired to engage your visitors during trade show events. A professional shoe shine service within or around your trade show booth can be a subtle promotional plan for your business. A shoe shiner offers a service that most people will not refuse. Most of the time, people are wearing shoes that can benefit from a shoe shine. Also, shoe shining is a friendly and non-invasive service that tends to pull people in. What harm could a shoe shine do? In about eight minutes, a shoe shine can elevate your trade show booth visitor’s image while providing your business with an opportunity to properly engage visitors with the information about your products and services.

By placing classy and professional-looking shoe shine stands in or around your trade show booth, you can boost traffic and increase product sales. As soon as your company decided to get a booth at the trade show, there were one or more objectives that were to be met such as gaining more customers and increasing your organization’s market share. A professional shoe shine service can help your business achieve these objectives. It is a strategic alignment with your business that works well because of its subtle approach.
Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine stands can attract a steady flow of traffic to your business’s trade show booth and enable you meet the objectives you had previously set when you paid for a trade show booth. Hiring a professional shoe shiner such as Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine Company is a great idea because of the experience needed to work in trade show environments. Professional shoe shiners are there to help your business shine, while also putting a shine on the shoes of your trade show booth visitors. Hence, take action today and make a strategic decision about your trade show marketing plan. Professional shoe shiners can add value to your presence at trade shows and can also provide a good return on investment.

Harry Klein's Shoe Shine Business Consultation ServiceA shoe shine business can be a profitable venture. However, any business needs adequate information to get off the ground effectively. A successful business benefits from planning and the acquisition of information. If you want to start a shoe shine business, you should get important information from those who have experience in starting and running a successful shoe shine business. To start and run a successful shoe shine business, you should consider getting Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine Business Consultation Service.

Harry Klein’s Consultation Service is available to you and can provide an awakening regarding the potential of opening your own shoe shine business. It is simple and easy to reserve a time slot for consultation. Blocks of consultation time are available in 30-minute increments with each 30-minute increment costing about $30.00 USD. When you fill in a contact form to reserve a block of consultation time, experienced shoe shine consultants will contact you and provide information about starting a shoe shine business.

Whether you are curious or serious about starting your own shoe shine business, discussing your shoe shine business interests with an expert can help answer all the questions you have about the venture. Where to start? How much could it cost? What about shoe shine locations? You can also provide a list of questions that the shoe shine consultants can answer.

So, why use a professional shoes shine consulting service? Experience and success are a huge part of what this consulting service has to offer. With a wide experience in providing shoe shine services at trade shows, product launch and branding events, exhibitions, corporate cocktail parties, golf tournaments and other corporate events, Harry Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine Consultation Service can address all your shoe shine business needs and prevent you from making costly mistakes. It is wise to learn from other another person’s mistakes and if this knowledge can save you a significant amount of money, you have more incentive to seek professional consultation.

To start a successful shoe shine business that are numerous considerations to take into account, including the location of your shoe shine stands and how many locations to have. Your shoe shine delivery model can involve people coming to your location to get their shoes shined or it can involve you actually going out to seek clients. Successful shoe shine services can occur in somewhat unusual places.

What do you need to know about starting your own shoe shine business? Consulting a professional shoe shine business expert can put you on the right path towards staying informed and making adequate decisions regarding your new shoe shining business.

Professional Shoe Shiner Harry kleinDo you know that you can hire a professional shoe shiner for your exhibition booth? Exhibitions are great opportunities to acquire new customers and provide information to existing customers. Your next exhibition could be the event that puts your business ahead of its competition. However, exhibitions can be very busy places. Also, most exhibition opportunities do not come cheap.

Organizations can spend substantial amounts of money at exhibitions and trade shows without getting the desired results of gaining new customers and providing an enlightened perspective to existing customers. Businesses that are participating in exhibitions have limited time to attract visitors to their booth. Apart from attracting visitors to exhibition booths, businesses also need keep visitors in the booth long enough to convey their company’s information to potential and existing customers. One way to attract and keep customers in your exhibition booth is by hiring a professional shoe shine service to cater to your visitors’ shoe shine needs. By adding a professional shoe service to your exhibition, you can make returns on your exhibition booth investment by attracting more people into your booth. A shoe shine service fits in subtly with your business, no matter what the business is.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service is a professional shoe shine service that you can depend on to provide professional and friendly service to your customers. With classy and retro-looking shoe shine chairs, Harry Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine Service will courteously attract and engage your visitors by offering quality shoe shine services. This is an excellent way to capture the attention of visitors, while also providing an appreciated service. Who would not appreciate a shoe shine?

If your company decides to make the shoe shine service at your exhibition booth complimentary, this can be a way to reward customers and show that your organization cares about treating customers well. Visitors and customers tend to remember who treats them well and this is an opportunity for your business to rise to the occasion. Not only do customers gain more information about your business, they also get a shine in their shoes. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

A well-polished shoe makes a statement and as your visitors leave your exhibition booth in their newly polished shoes, they are more likely to remember their visit to your exhibition booth. This can make the difference between merely having a presence at an exhibition show and actually making a lasting connection with potential and existing customers. Hire a professional shoe shiner such as Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service and make the best use of your next exhibition booth opportunity.

Starting Your Own Shoe Shine Business

How to start a successful shoe shine businessStarting any business requires knowledge, planning, preparation and dedication. The shoe shine business is not different. Harry Klein started the Klein Shoe Shine Service from humble beginnings and the business has become one of the most successful shoe shine businesses in North America. With a wealth of experience, Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine offers consultancy services directed at preparing and guiding entrepreneurs as they desire to start their own shoe shine business.

The shoe shine business may not be regarded by some as a fruitful endeavour. There are those who would turn up their noses at such a venture. However, starting a shoe shine business can be a successful undertaking. A person dedicated to a chosen path can bring success to it. Dedication can also help people overcome challenges and setbacks that could occur when starting any business. Hence, it is also important for people to consider the reasons they have for starting their own shoe shine business.

Many years ago, shoe shine stands could be found everywhere. From street corners to railway and bus stations, shoe shiners of various varieties could be found earning a wage and putting food on their tables. The appeal of the shoe shining trade was the relative ease with which a shoe shine business could be started. Many famous people were shoe shiners in their early days. Shoe shining was a quick way to earn a living or to acquire some spending money. Years ago, the location of your shoe shine stand was a major determinant with regards to how successful your shoe shine business would be.

Today, your shoe shine location is just as important. However, your typical shoe shine stand has evolved over the years. Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Stands retains some of the classic shoe shine touches of the past such as the company’s eye-catching retro shoe shine chairs. A modern twist on a historic trade adds a touch of class and can help your business stand out. However, having the equipment and materials to start a shoe shine business are only part of the equation for success. You must develop the skills needed to provide quality shoe shine service. You also need to determine the niche market to which you will provide your services. This can be the most time consuming aspect of starting a shoe shine business.

You need clients!

Dedicate yourself and business to making phone calls and chasing leads. Advertise your services and be innovative in terms of where your services could be required or appreciated. Rather that remaining in one shoe shine location or having stands in one part of the city, consider shoe shine business models that including diverse locations such as car dealerships, auctions, trade shows and corporate events. People appreciate getting their shoes shined, especially by professional shoe shiners who know their trade, proudly shining shoes and putting smiles on the face of customers.

tradeshow marketing shoe shine serviceSetting up a trade show booth for an exhibition is one of the best ways to market your business to interested buyers. Any business savvy entrepreneur knows that exhibiting at trade shows is a smart thing and can help increase sales dramatically.

Having a trade show booth allows for businesses to connect directly with potential customers and increase exposure that can generate more leads.The benefits of exhibiting at trade shows are obvious, however, merely setting up a trade show booth is only a small part of the marketing strategies needed to make any exhibition a true success.

The main priorities of your trade show booth is to generate sales and leads in which the physical space of your booth area and the overall display’s design are paramount in accomplishing these objectives.

It is important to know how to project the right kind of image for your business, something that will attract potential clients and keep them interested beyond the initial first impression.

Although it is important to draw peoples eyes to your booth, it should be because your image and display represent your actual products or services, and not because the booth is full of flashy lights and loud music.

It is important to create the right balance between reflecting your companies brand and market while offering that extra little edge over your competition’s trade show booth. This may sound difficult however, with a little pre-trade show planning this shouldn’t be very hard to achieve at all.

If you want to have a successful event, it is important to let your trade show booth show people right away what your business is all about and why it is unique and worth looking into. There will most likely be other businesses that are offering the same service or products as your company so just putting up a sign with your company’s name not be enough.

A good idea would be to put your best products around the booth with eye catching brochures placed around them. However, you don’t want to overdo it and come across as obnoxious, as this can turn people off.

You might want to offer discounts or money back guarantees on first bulk purchases or give away coupons for future purchases to show you have confidence in your products or services.If you offer products, you might also want to consider a giveaway of small samples of items that
may encourage potential customers to use your products and maybe wan to contatct you in the future if they are interested.

Another great way to not only attract visitors, but keep to them at your booth, is to use special entertainment services such as hiring a shoe shiner for your trade show exhibition. This way your customers will get a great free service of having their shoes shined, and it will keep them at your booth for an extended period of time. This is a great ice breaker, especially for foreign clients who might have a tendency to be a little shy and can certainly give you or the sales rep an opportunity to talk on a more casual basis with potential buyers.

At the end of the day, however, it is your expertise, demeanor and profesional attitude that customers will remember the most, regardless of how great your display was. You must always sound fresh,excited and enthusiastic about your product or service. Enthusiasm is contagious, and every opportunity to interact with a customer is a chance to make a sale or generate a lead.

Remember above all, project confidence with every potential customer, always project positive energy, even when the day is long, if you can show how much you believe in your product others will pick up on that confidence and become exited about your product or service as well.

How a Shoe Shiner Can Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth.

Drive traffic to your trade show booth with a shoe shine servicePlanning and organizing a trade show exhibition requires meticulous planning, knowing what your business’s needs are and understanding your goals.

Trade show exhibitions are some of the best ways to attract customers in a given market as long as you know what you are doing. You may have a good grasp on your market as a whole and understand the needs of your potential clientel, however creating a proper marketing strategy for a trade show exhibition that will be effective for your business is another matter.

Having the best product or service in the world will not help attract visitors or generate sales if your trade show booth is not optimized for drawing traffic and alluring customers.

This is one area where many inexperienced trade show exhibitors often fail. Any good entrepreneur knows that proper presentation is the key to success. However, understanding a concept in principal and actually knowing how to implement the right fundamentals is another thing altogether.

Nowadays, many trade show exhibitors will look for ways to attract visitors to their booths by hiring event entertainers. Trade show booth entertainment comes in many forms, from using magicians, models and musicians to name a few to help attract those coveted customers.

The problem that many trade show exhibitors make is that they will hire entertainment that does not fully complement the product, service or image of their companies. Although it is important to drive traffic to your booth, it is also important that the medium used to attract your clientel does not clash with the image you are trying to project.

Everybody wants to be entertained and recieve something for free, this is what your goal should be when considering the right type of trade show booth entertainment for your exhibition.

Having a shoe shiner who is not only great at polishing shoes but also great at engaging the crowd is one way to kill 2 birds with one stone. This way anyone opting for a free shoe shine will benefit from a great service while being entertained. This always creates a great opportunity for the trade show sales representative because it gives them a chance to chat casualy with any potential client sitting in a shoe shine chair.

If you happen to be looking for a great shoe shiner for your next trade show , you will be very intersted in this gentleman, Harry klein. Harry is one of the best shoe shiner/ entertainers in the business these days.

His shoe shine service has developed a reputation for attracting multitudes of visitors to his client’s exhibition booths over the past years. Having a background in theater Harry knows how to keep his customers engaged and entertained. His service has helped many of his clients trade show exhibitions acheive phenominal success. His shoe shining service offers great entertainment,a high quality service and drives traffic for his clients.

So if you are looking for ideas about how you can stand out from your competition , consider The Klein Shine Shoe Shine service for your next trade show event.

Starting a Shoe Shine Business

How to start a shoe shine businessWith todays job market uncertainties, many people are a considering working for themselves. There is a great appeal to the thought of being able to leave your dreary nine to five job and become financially independent. We love the notion of being able to “fire our Boss” and becoming our own bosses.

In fact there has been a dramatic shift in the past few years from people who used to work for an employer who have switched careers to running their own businesses.

I’m sure most readers will not find the concept of a shoe shine business very appealing at first. We may envision some poor individual bent over some rich man’s expensive shoes, laboring away to please him , with the shoe shiner’s hopeful expectation of receiving the client’s benediction and a few lousy cents. We envision the lowly shoe shiner, pathetically grateful, bowing humbly while repeating his many thanks to the point of annoying his customer.

I know that may sound rather sad, however I’m sure that this is the image we get when we think of a shoe shiner sitting at his shoe shine stand patiently awaiting, and ever thankful to having another customer.

Well times have changed.

Harry Klein is the perfect example of the successful entrepreneur that has climbed the ladder from humble beginnings to becoming the proud owner of North America’s most successful Shoe Shine business, The Klein Shine.

Having said that, just like any other business, it has not been an easy climb. To become truely successful, Harry Klein has had to become an unstoppable one man marketing machine, spending hours every day calling prospective clients and pitching them on
his unique shoe shine service. Mr. Klein’s objectives were clear, he understood the niche market he was in and realized that the
best way to exploit and capitalize on the services he offered was to enter into the trade show entertainment business sector.

Since 2003, his KleinShine Shoe Shine service has “shined” at literally hundreds of trade shows and conventions all over North
America and Europe earning him the moniker ” The King of Shine” amongst his peers. As funny as that may sound, he has become
the highest in demand shoe shiner in North America today.

What makes his shoe shine business so succsesful, is the fact that his shoe shine stand can drive an immense amount of traffic to his client’s trade show booths. This in turn has helped his clients boost their sales without having to be too pushy with trade show attendees.

A shoe shine stand is a powerful marketing tool for any trade show booth exhibitor, it offers a useful free service to customers, it keeps visitors at an exhibition booth longer than any other type of trade show entertainment. Having a shoe shine stand at a booth also give the sales represenatives a chance to break the ice with potential clients in a casual manner.

However owning and operating a shoe shine business is not for everyone. There is the grueling task of building a steady clientel, not to mention the long hours standing at the shoe shine booth shining customers shoes, and just as importantly, one must develop the necessary skills on how to shine shoes at a professional level. A professional shoe shiner must also have the proper equipment, such as a comfortable, attractive professional quality shoe shine chair that is easilly transportable,and not to mention a professional shoe shine kit that can accomodate every type of shoe.

In conclusion, operating a professional shoe shine business requires determination, drive, good marketing skills, great shoe shining skills and also a little investment for the right equipment. Howver, if you have what it takes and have a passion for this type of endeavor, you can find yourself in a very prosperous business .

Shoe shine trade show marketing serviceMarketing is an important part of trade shows. Acquiring a booth at a trade show is just one step towards showcasing your business. However, without effective trade show marketing, you could be pushing your potential customers in the direction of your competition as they walk past your trade show booth. To gain an edge over the competition, businesses need to seriously consider effective trade show marketing ideas. So, what effective trade show marketing ideas can your business use at the next trade show event?

Klein’s professional Shoe Shine Service has a great trade show marketing idea for you: Hire a professional shoe shiner for your trade show booth. Various trade show marketing ideas exist including the use of numerous gimmicks and attractions. So, what makes hiring a professional shoe shiner one of the best trade show marketing ideas? Having a professional shoe shiner, such as Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Stand place one or more of their eye-catching retro shoe shine chairs in or around your trade show booth, is just the idea that can generate the traffic you need during your trade show events.

Competitors and other business would most likely bring out the usual models, clowns, magicians, loud music and neon-coloured presentation screens to divert trade show visitors to their booths. Such trade show marketing ideas could gain the attention of trade show participants but do they really deliver the required results of actually getting visitors to your booth? Unlike hiring a professional shoe shiner, loud music does not guarantee that trade show participants will end up spending time in your trade show booth. Similarly, magicians, clowns or jugglers may be able to engage participants by putting on brief performances. These acts can draw a crowd, which is great. However, when the performer’s act is over, the crowd quickly disperses. In instances where the trade show booth owners are able to engage a few participants after the performances, it is usually difficult keeping the flow of potential customers in or around the booth. Many times, people watch the performances and move right on.

Hence, when considering trade show marketing ideas, consider one that works and generates the required output. Hiring a professional shoe shiner for your trade show booth may seem to be an unlikely match for your business, but it is an effective way in which to gain steady trade show traffic and give visitors an opportunity to actually communicate with the business. Hire a professional shoe shiner for your next trade show event. Hiring an experienced trade show shoe shine like Harry Klein Shoe Shine might be just what your business needs for a successful trade show outing. Reserve your shoe shine stands today!

Shoe Shine Service for Trade Shows

Shoe Shine Service for Trade ShowsFor many years the shoe shining service or shoe shine stand in our society has slowly evaporated into the mists of time it seems. There was a time when a shoe shine stand would be a common site in public areas, such as bus and train stations and many other visible places in town. Now when we think of shoe shining, we tend to think of some sort of old fashion trade that has disappeared. We think of a past era akin to the good old days when things were simpler and there was true quality and sincerity in what people did.

Well times have changed. We are a more cynical generation, this is the world of fast food, television and disposable items. When do people have time to sit and get their shoes shined in today’s hectic society? When do people actually receive a quality service for a great price
nowadays? When does somebody actually have any real sense of pride in what they do anymore ?

Well its funny how things change and how things stay the same.

What I mean is that shoe shining has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the past few years. You may be asking yourself how can that be ? Where have there been any shoe shine stands around lately ? Well for one shoe shine stands have become a great attraction at trade show booths in the past couple of years.

Many savvy trade show marketers have been turning towards more innovative ways to attract attendees at their booths. Gone are the days when a trade show booth merely had to exist to drive traffic. In these competitive and tough economic times, a good marketer knows that he /she will have to think outside the box and offer something new and exciting that will entertain yet offer something of quality that people can really appreciate.

People have grown blasé over the usual gimmics used to attract and “entertain” at trade shows. Slot machines, giveaways, magicians and show girls will probably attract visitors to a particular exhibit, however in many cases these ‘attractions’ are more like distractions. It is nice to
attract people around your booth but it is important that the focus is your company’s product or service and not the pretty girl with ample body parts prancing around in a bikini.

The beauty of having a shoe shine stand as an attraction is that it offers a valuable service, is entertaining, and most importantly keeps people at the exhibit longer than most attractions.

Remember, a potential customer will have to sit for a few minutes while getting their shoes shined and this can offer a great opportunity for any sales rep to break the ice in a casual manner. It’s one thing to have someone distracted by cheap ‘entertainment’ , its another to be able to use that attraction as a tool to engage in conversation with a potential client.

This is why the shoe shiner and his /her shoe shine stand is growing in popularity with not only trade show exhibitors , but also car dealerships, banquets, cocktails, and many other types of events.

It is a traditional service that offers quality, entertainment and class. So the next time you are planning to participate at a trade show event, or planning any other type of venue, remember that you can always count on the shoe shine service to create a quality attraction that people will appreciate and remember.

Shoe Shine For Success

Shoe Shine For SuccessBelieve it or not, people will judge you by your shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are well dressed, if you have personality, wit and charm. If you wear scuffy shoes, then chances are people won’t take you seriously.

Unfortunately, we live in a fickle world where appearances do matter. This is also a world where bad first impressions don’t merit a second chance.

How true that is for business. If you have poor looking feet, then your clients may not asscoiate you with succsess. Nobody wants to do business with you if they don’t think you are successful.

Succsess is in your attitude as much as it is in your appearance. Your shoes are part of your appearance.

When trying to make a great first impression, you better make sure you have all the angles covered. While it is important to be well groomed and to wear a good suit, your shoes must also shine. Sporting well polished shoes should not be considered accessory to your image, but should be considered compulsary !

Its amazing how a proper shoe shine can polish your image. Its equally a reality how a bad finish can tarnish it.

So if you want to make a good first impression, then its time to learn some good shoe shining skills.

Here are some basics.

The first thing that you want to do when you buy a new pair of shoes is to shine them before you wear them. Afterwards make sure that you shine your shoes on a regular basis. It is important get into the routine of good preventative maintenance.

Also,it is best that you put shoetrees in your shoes right after you take them off. This is when the leather is warmer and more flexible. Shoe trees will help keep your shoes in good form at all times.

Keeping the leather in good shape also requires the right type of protection. Mink oil is a traditional and effective way to preserving shoes. It keeps the leather moist and also protects them from water damage. The drawback with mink oil is its tendancy to darken lighter tinted shoes.

You could also use silicone spray which is an excellent way to protect and water proof your shoes as well. The benefTts of silicone spray is that it won’t affect the tint of your shoe leather, and it is very easy to apply.

Proper weather and water proofing is just the first step in good shoe maintenance. However You still have to know something about shoe shinning itself.

The best kinds of shoe shine polishes are wax, and or cream polishes.

Cream polish moisturizes the shoe by absorbing into the leather and helps keep the shoe leather soft and flexible . This allows the leather to breathe, and that prevents it from premature drying and cracking.

Look for a cream polish that contains mineral oil, as this is a natural product that offers excellent results and will not affect the color of your shoes.

Although cream polish is an effective way for shining your shoes , it is not as capable for removing scuffs or scratches as wax polish .

For the best results, you will want to use a good wax polish. Wax polish will remove stubborn scuffs and scratches alot better than cream. However wax has a tendancy to dry out your shoes much faster because it can seal the leather which results in cracking.

Most wax polishes contain harsh chemicals such as naptha, and turpentine which can result in the discoloring of the leather. however wax polish is your best option if your shoes are scuffed or scratched .

Ok so now you have a better idea about basic shoe maintenance. However you still need to learn how to create a fantastic shoe shine that will give off that great first impression.

First you need to put on some old clothes and spread some newspaper around as to not make too much of a mess. Wearing a thin pair of rubber gloves is also a good idea if you don’t like getting shoe polish under your fingernails.

Shoe shinning can be a messy job, you may even consider a professional shoe shiner if you don’t like the hassel of shinning your own shoes.

The next thing you want to do is clean off all the dust and dirt with a damp cloth. If your shoes are extremely dirty then you can use mild soap. Murphys oil soap is a good product as it will not damamge or dry the leather.

Once your shoes are clean let them dry for 5 minutes or so before you begin the polishing. Its always a good idea to keep the shoe trees in while shinning, as this will help to keep your shoes from collapsing when applying the polish.

You also want to make sure that the polish matches the colors of your shoes. This may sound obvious, but it’s a good idea to bring one of your shoes with you to the store to make sure the polish really matches your shoe color.

Believe me, you don’t want to start applying the polish to realize the colors don’t match, as that can be a dissaster, not to mention the time wasted in trying to undo the damage afterwards.

Stay away from liquid polishes, although they offer the conveniance of easy application, they can dry out and crack the leather. Do not use cheap alternatives, stick to wax or cream polishes.

Remember to remove the shoe laces, that way you can get a even coat of wax on the shoe tongue.

You can use a variety of things to apply the wax itself. A standard cotton cloth, old tee shirts, wet sponge and even old socks (best results when they are washed ) to name a few.

If you want, you can purchase a good horse hair brush or shoe shine dauber in your local pharmacy or shoe repair shop as well. If you use a dauber, you will need a different one every time you change the shoe polish color, say for different shoes. Just something to remember.

Its best to start applying the polish from the heal along the side , right up to the toes, and down the other side, using tiny circular motions to ensure an even coating. Take care not to over do the polish, an even thin coating is all that is necessary. Applying too much polish only results in taking a longer time to dry and may give you an uneven coat.

Here’s a couple of other shoe shine tips:

For that military shine, using warm water to apply the polish will make it much softer and easier to spread evenly, not to mention that the leather will absorb the polish much better.

After polishing, make sure that you buff your shoes with a good horse hair or chamois brush, , as this will remove any excsess polish and give your finish a deep rich shine.

For that finishing touch, no shoe shine is complete without the use of a good liquid sole dressing. Clean soles and heel edges are as equally important to your appearance as your hair and tie are.

As they say, the devil is in the details. Do not overlook this important factor.

So If you really want to succeed in this world, then you better have an appearance that makes you look rich. Nothing does that more effectivley than a great pair of shining shoes.

Corporate event shoe shine serviceCorporate events occur for networking, communicating information, products sales, charity and many other reasons. Hence, why would an organization seek the services of a professional shoe shiner during corporate events? One answer to this question is that a professional shoe shiner can provide a service that will be valuable to participants of corporate events. When done right, it adds a subtle but classy touch to corporate events. It also gives guests the opportunity to do something different during corporate events. Another reason why an organization should hire a professional shoe shine service for corporate events is the subtle manner in which a shoe shine business can engage people at the event.

Organizations can hire or reserve the services of a company like Harry Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine company to provide quality shoe shine services for corporate event participants. As people mingle during corporate events, the Klein Shine Company can help the hosting organization create a lasting impression. With a professional approach to customer service, polite and dedicated shoe shiners help participants relax and become more in tune with their surrounds and the theme of the corporate event. Equipped with appealing and retro-looking shoe shine chairs, Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine has experience participating in corporate events.

The presence of a professional shoe shine service can also make your event stand out for good reasons. It can serve as a conversation piece and help participants break the ice. Guests feel more relaxed. Newly shined shoes can help boost the image and confidence of corporate event participants. Guests also create the right first impression with their newly polished and groomed look. A free shoe shine gives participants a good impression of the organization hosting the event. It may seem an unusual idea, but this also guarantees that the presence of a shoe shine station at your corporate events will stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Professional shoe shine stands at corporate events also create a fun atmosphere. Similar to standing around the water-cooler, corporate event participants can gather around the shoe shine stand as they wait their turn. This serves as a great networking opportunity where phone numbers and business cards are exchanged.

Hire a professional shoe shine service for your corporate event and you will be on your way towards captivating your audience and keeping them engaged. With the presence of a shoe shine service at your corporate events, you will also be creating a buzz about your events that will leave participants feeling good about your organization and the events. The free shoe shine will keep participants smiling beyond your organization’s event as they happily wear their newly shined shoes to other occasions.

Shoe Shine Business consultationBecoming an entrepreneur is a laudable venture. Being one’s own boss is a trend that is steadily growing as people are seeking areas where they can successfully invest in. Also, why not become your own boss? You decide when to start and stop work. You make the big decisions. You are in charge of everything.

One business that is gaining interest is the shoe shine business. A notable benefit of starting a shoe shine business is that it can require minimum investment. The shoe shine business can also be started relatively faster than other businesses. This is a plus for those who desire to dive right in. Like many other businesses, there are things any entrepreneur should know and beware of. Hence, approaching a shoe shine consultant can help potential business owners avoid mistakes as they decide to start a shoe shine business or any new business. Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine is a shoe shine consultant that can provide guidance as you embark on the journey of starting your own shoe shine business.

Why start any business? The best answer to this question would involve the objective of fulfilling the need for a service or product. A shoe shine business may be considered by some people to be a lowly venture without much room for prosperity or success. However, how does any business become successfully? Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service rose from humble beginnings and has become one of the most successful shoe shine businesses in North America. To start a successful shoe shine business, an entrepreneur must understand the target market for the product or service. Creating or craving out a niche market for the new shoe shine business is an important aspect of starting the business.

Entrepreneurs also need to think about the service that is being provided to the customer. Consider what the customer expects as output from your shoe shine business. This will help you invest in thoroughly learning the skills needed to deliver quality shoe shine business service and help your business grow. Determine the shoe shine business model you desire to use. For example, your shoe shine business may only accept shoes that are dropped off and picked up at a later time. Another business model may accept shoe shining jobs that involve customers keeping their shoes on while these shoes are being shined. A combined shoe drop-off and customer waiting model may also be used.

As you plan your shoe shine business, consider the location of your services and how customers will be attracted to use your service. For Harry Klein’s Professional Shoe Shine Service, a successful method of acquiring customer traffic includes participating in tradeshows or being hired by trade show business participants to be a feature at their trade show booth. The shoe shine business can work alongside other businesses as a subtle way to gain new customers or engage existing customers and guests. By keeping customers busy while they wait or participate in conversations, it can be a win-win situation for all businesses concerned.

Shoe Shiner for Cocktail Party Events

Shoe Shiner for Cocktail Party Events

So, you want to host a cocktail party. Great! Cocktail parties can bring people together and can also be the unique solution to entertaining a variety of different people at the same time. However, although cocktail parties can be truly beneficial and direct, such parties can also be quite rigid and unsuccessful if your guests become uncomfortable or bored. At cocktail parties, the atmosphere should be friendly and conducive for conversation. Guests should relax and have a good time. Hence, cocktail party organizers consider a variety of ideas that will enable their cocktail parties stand out for laudable reasons.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service is a professional shoe shine service that can be hired for cocktail parties. Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine has the experience and the knowledge required to pull off a successful cocktail party. With a classy presence at your cocktail party, Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine stands provide a welcoming atmosphere for cocktail party guests. The presence of classy shoe shine stands may be an unusual sight for cocktail party guests, but this will also serve as a good ice-breaker as your guests acquaint themselves with your party surroundings.

Long ago, shoe shiners could be found in street corners, at bus stops and railway stations. However, modern shoe shiners have reinvented the way the shoe shine business operates. Previously, the shoe shine business was considered to be a lowly profession that needed to be far away from corporate settings.

This is not the case today.

Today, professional shoe shine services can be reserved for cocktail parties and corporate events. The presence of a professional shoe shiner can actually help make the party a success. Guests are given drinks and some food. Why not include a free shoe shine to push the party right over the edge of success? Professional shoe shiners provide a welcome attraction during cocktail parties. As guests mingle, they can stroll over to where the shoe shine stands are and meet other guests. The shoe shine stand can become the unifying event at cocktail parties. The shoe shine stand can also revitalize any cocktail party and maintain positive energy flow. Guests do not feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable, as the shoe shine stands provide an air of casualness and relaxation.

Imagine getting your shoe shined during a cocktail party and feeling great about it too! Give your guests something to talk about during the party and long after the party is over. It may be an unusual cocktail party idea for some people, but many people will not refuse a free shoe shine. This innovative cocktail party idea will help you stand out and can help create great memories of your event. Professional shoe shine stands are limited, so reserve your shoe shine service soon!

Professional Shoe Shiner for Trade Shows

Harry Klein Shoe Shiner for HireBusinesses can hire a professional shoe shiner for trade shows. At first, this might seem like an unlikely match, especially considering the fact that your business has nothing to do with shoes, shoe polish or related materials. However, this unlikely pair can be just the idea that draws a constant influx of potential clients to your booth.

Trade shows are great opportunities to gain customers and communicate the business of your company. However, to achieve the maximum potential of acquiring booths at trade shows, businesses need to think outside the box about better ways to market themselves and ensure a steady flow of potential customers. A professional shoe shiner like Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine service can be hired to shine shoes at your trade show booth. By having a professional shoe shiner located inside or at the entry of your trade show booth, potential clients and visitors are drawn to your business. Existing customers are also rewarded by getting a free shoe shine.

In addition to boosting booth traffic in trade shows, hiring a professional shoe shiner can keep booth visitors occupied and engaged while you discuss your service with them. A free shoe shine leaves trade show booth visitors with a good impression of your business and your commitment to customer service. A free shoe shine can serve as a way to thank visitors that come to your booth. A professional shoe shiner at trade shows is a welcome alternative to other more common methods of attempting to attract customers such as loud music or models. Unlike music and models, a professional shoe shine service actually provides a useful service to visitors. Also, unlike music and models, a professional shoe shine service can deliver more tangible results in terms of actually getting people into the trade show booth.

With a professional shoe shine service such as Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine Service, you get a professional approach to engaging customers and making valuable use of their time at your booth. With intense competition from other surrounding businesses, your business needs to think differently about effective trade show marketing ideas. By spending time shining their shoes, customers at trade shows relax and are more likely to pay attentions to their immediate surroundings. Music, electronic gadgets and models that are geared towards enticing trade show participants to visit trade show booths can be extremely loud and distracting. This can make it difficult for potential and existing customers to focus on the information trade show booth owners are trying to communicate. However, getting shoes shined keeps the trade show participants inside or in close proximity to your booth and in touch with the message that the business would like to communicate.

Professional Shoe Shiner for Hire

Harry Klein Shoe ShinerCan you or your business hire a professional shoe shiner? The answer is yes! Shoes are an important part of any attire. As we meet numerous people throughout our day, it’s safe to say that at least one person will notice our shoes. Hence, why not create the right image with a pair of brilliantly polished shoes! Friends and customers can benefit from the service of a professional shoe shiner.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine Service is a professional shoe shiner for hire. With numerous shoe shine stands and lots of testimonials, Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine is highly recommended and widely praised by satisfied customers. Whether at trade shows or corporate events, hiring a professional shoe shiner for your occasion is a unique idea that can generate traffic, encourage networking and make your occasion a successful event. What better way to keep the conversations flowing than to have a professional service available to engage your visitors while discussions occur.

A well-polished shoe stands out in a crowd and a well-groomed appearance can influence people and open doors. With the services of a professional shoe shiner, you can relax as your footwear is evaluated by curious onlookers. There are many other benefits of hiring a professional shoe shiner including avoiding the need to handle messy shoes and leaving shoe-related issues to an expert. Providing this shoe shine service to your customers and guests will certainly be appreciated.

Hiring a professional shoe shiner will ensure that appropriate cleaning and polishing materials such as soaps, conditioners and polish are used. It is important that the polish used adequately matches each unique shoe pair. Improper polishing techniques can create scratches or ruin a client’s shoes. Professional shoe shiners have knowledge about shine techniques for special shoes such as those manufactured with uncommon leathers. While certain shoes can tolerate damp cloths, others may require a soft brush. Considering the amount of money spent on shoes, hiring a professional shoe shiner is highly recommended. Harry Klein Shoe Shine has been in business for many years and is a shoe shine service you can trust.

Hiring or reserving a Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine stand implies that you acquire the services of a professional shoe shiner with a wide knowledge-base and experience in shoe shining. Why bother with all the details regarding shoes and polish when you can place your shoes in the hands of experienced professionals. Sit back and relax! Consider hiring a professional shoe shiner to take care of all the shoe shine needs of your guests at corporate events. The presence of a shoe shine stand at corporate events such as trade-shows, cocktail parties or product sales can generate the traffic and contribute to a relaxed atmosphere. A professional shoe shiner can help make your event a success.

Montreal Shoe Shiner

WELCOME to Harry Klein Shoe Shine
Our company’s services are directed at assisting corporate clients during special promotional events.

Montreal Shoe ShinerWant a great way to increase awareness of your product / service at your next corporate event?
Have a designated member of your team take digital pictures of selected delegates sitting proudly in the 1920 Shoe Shine chair located at your exhibit booth, with your company name clearly displayed in the back-ground.

Take the Delegate’s business card with email address and email them the picture along with information about your product or service including a short personal note about how nice it was to meet them etc.

A wonderful and fun way to increase awareness of your products / services. HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE also provides an innovative and friendly way for visitors to get to know the people that are behind the brand.

Typically clients contract HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE services for :

Trade Shows
Sells Seminars
Company re-unions
Golf tournaments
Fund raisers
New product launch, etc

HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE is a self contained, mobile, high visibility professional shoe shine service. Providing a classy presentation which includes a vintage 1920 art deco shoe shine chair. The service is represented by a professional shoe shiner outfitted in a classy black outfit, white shirt or blouse and a red tuxedo bow-tie.

Clients that contract the services of HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE during Trade Shows and Exhibitions will benefit from :

Increased traffic to their exhibit booth
Increased time visitors remain at the booth which allows sales staff the opportunity to develop a relationship with them while educating visitors on their services / products in a friendly interactive situation.
A Guaranteed captive audience
The opportunity to generate a greater number of leads.
Meeting customers, competitors and suppliers
Possibly recruiting distributors or dealers

This service offers clients of HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE both a unique attraction, along with entertainment, as well as an unforgetable shoe shine experience. For our clients HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE also provides an innovative and friendly way for visitors to get to know the people that are behind the brand.

We are the most innovative entertainment / martketing company in Canada. Our unique on-sight mobile professional shoe shine service allows us to market our services to Trade Shows and other Corporate events in Quebec.

Our highly visible, vintage 1920 art deco chrome shoe shine chairs, along with our classy executive red tuxedo bow-tie look, dramatically increases traffic to an exhibit booth, while also leaving a positive, lasting and memorable impression on attendees. It also adds much appreciated charm to other corporate events such as conferences, company re-unions, golf tournaments, fund raisers, conventions, new product launch, etc.

To develop exposure and awareness in the market place, dozens of different corporate events welcolmed the nostaligic service of HARRY KLEIN SHOE SHINE to set-up within their trade show event. Since we were not hired by a particular company, delegates gladly paid $6 a shine to climb into our 1920 art deco shoe shine chair, permitting them to get off their tired feet for several minutes, as well as enjoy a pleasureable pressure point foot massage, a Harry Klein special, ( without removing their footwear ).

Our new concept also combines entertaining delegates with a repertoire of corporate jokes, in both french and english, while also benefiting from an unforgetable shoe shine experience.

Resulting in making vistors feel good and look good.

Interested to know what our clients have to say? Visit our Testimonial page.

Entertainment / marketing is quickly becoming a booming industry. With more and more corporations looking for new and innovative ideas to pamper both existing and prospective clients to their Trade Show exhibit booths.

Entertainment / Marketing provides Trade Show exhibitors an avenue to attract the attention of Trade Show attendees.

Whether it’s a trade show, conference, special event, reunion, company party, or the launching of a new product or service, event marketing is being embraced by the new generation of leaders who have graduated from the school of thought, where thinking outside the box is encouraged. Like Jean Marc Leger, of Leger Marketing says, “ to obtain results you never had , you have to be willing to do things you have never done. “

More and more businesses are following in the steps of corporations and renting booth space at trade shows. And as a result it is getting increasingly more diffuicult for companies with the same specialties to differentiate themselves and draw attention to their products and services. And because of this more exhibitors are looking for innovative and productive ways to attract attendees to their booth. Entertainment Marketing services helps over-come this problem.

Key Trends among Exhibitors:

Collectively, exhibitors expect total event marketing spending to increase by 3% in 2005.
Average event marketing budgets as a percentage of total company marketing expenditures: 29%
Exhibit management has moved from a logistical, tactical role to a strategic marketing position.
Exhibit floor continues to change from product – to people-centric medium.
Attendees increasingly visit exhibitions to assess “the people behind the brand”.

Our responsibility at Harry Klein Shoe Shine is not to try to convince you on the benefits of renting booth space at a Trade Show, because you already know it’s about ;
Generating actual sales at the show.
Enhancing your image and visibility.
Reaching a specific audience.
Establishing a presence in the marketplace.
Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your marketing efforts.
Personally meeting your customers, competitors and suppliers.
Prospecting for new customers.
Introducing new products and services.
Demonstrating your product in ways not possible using other marketing channels.
Recruiting distributors or dealers.
Educating your target audience.

I assume that because you are visiting our site you have noticed that more and more businesses are following in the steps of corporations and they too are renting booth space at trade shows.

Because of this more exhibitors are looking for innovative and productive ways to attract attendees to their booth.

Knowing Your Trade Show Objectives

Trade show objectives. Hire a shoe shinerIf you are thinking of participating in a trade show for your business, you should start your planning months in advance. Objectives need to be clear and carefully planned in order to accomplish any degree of sucsess. Lack of proper planning can seriously harm your image, your brand name, and cost you dearly financially.

By planning your trade show in advance and ensuring that all details are taken into consideration, such as trade show booth design and marketing strategy are of vital importance and should not be put together haphazardly.

There are four main elements that you should look at when planning a sucsessful trade show.




1.) What is your goal for the trade show ?

2.) What image do you want to project?

3.) How will you attract visitors?

4.) How can you conserve cash flow?”

Lets look at the first question,

1.) Some exhibitors participate in trade shows to sell their products and take orders during the actual exhibition. Others are there to network with other trade show vendors and establish contacts. And there are still others who attend trade shows to meet with their customers and collect leads to follow up afterwards. It is surprising to know that many trade show exhibitors do not have a clear goal in mind for their exhibitions. If there is no clear objective, you cannot plan your trade show exhibit for maximum impact. How well you plan is directly proportional to the degree of success you will attain at your next trade show event.

2.) You are in total control of the image that you project to the attendees that visit your booth. The trade show graphics displayed at your exhibition booth must evoke an emotional response from visitors as they pass by your stand. Any trade show booth ideas that you have
must clearly reflect and support the products or services you may be offering. Using certain startegies to attract visitors such as hiring special attractions such as shoe shiners and other forms of entertainment are also a great way to keep people around your booth.

3.) Conserving cash flow is obviously a very important factor, assuming that your trade show budget is limited. Therefore it is important to research what type of booth your are going to use, what size of booth you need, structure, graphics,and lighting are all aspects of planning that you will have to consider. There are many companies that specialize in trade show services that can supply you with the proper booth and other promotional materials such as lighting and setups.It is always best to shop around to try to get the best deal possible.

4.) Attracting visitors to your trade show booth is what it’s all about. If you can’t attract attendees and keep them around long enough to engage them, then the whole concept of participating in a trade show is worthless. Remember that you only have approximately 30 seconds to attract and impress your visitors. The design of your booth, graphics, sound, and outgoingness of the booth staff all play a vital role in achieving any degree of success. The competition is going to be tough, many of your competitors will have great trade show marketing strategies in place, such as great graphics, multi-media presentations, entertainment and so forth. Your booth is going to have to stand out and make an impact.

Finding innovative ways of attracting attendees to your booth is at the heart of the whole purpose of a trade show. So plan wisely, consider the type of clientel you want to attract and look for ways to appeal to your targeted demographic.

Interactive Entertainment Marketing

Interactive Entertainment MarketingHarry Klein Shoe Shine is the most effective and innovative interactive entertainment concept for your Trade Show, Cocktail Party, or Company Reunion

As everyone knows a profitable trade show booth should be developed, implemented, and utilized to the fullest. A well employed trade show booth with specialty entertainment will draw attention like few other additions.

The limited showcase time means the initial appeal of your booth is critical. It is a well known fact that any company centered on making their mark, and getting the most from their trade show appearance, must communicate with their prospects from all angles. Harry Klein Shoe Shine is the top interactive charming and innovative entertainment marketing concept. It guarantees to make your booth fun, and is a most effective interactive and memorable experience which is an essential part of realizing your ROI goal.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine is a booth magnet. By using our professional shoe shine service to generate attendance, you will be given the opportunity to effectively communicate your offerings, deliver your message, and of course, further the results of your investment. Let your company experience a stylish trade show set up that will result in more leads and future clients.

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Attract Visitors to your Trade Show Booth by Hiring a Shoe Shine Service

Shoe Shine Trade Show EntertainmentThe trade show!! It is a bountiful opportunity to gain new customers while also keeping existing customers informed about your business, its new products and improved services. So, your business acquires a booth at a trade show. Next, you ponder over the best way to attract visitors to your trade show booth. Have you considered hiring a shoe shine service?

Hire a shoe shine service to attract visitors to your trade show booth. You may wonder if this is possible and if it will work? Also, what does your business have in common with shoes, shoe polish or even shoe shiners? Would the presence of a shoe shiner in or near your trade show booth interfere with the reputation of your business or the message your business is trying to convey?

Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine service has participated in numerous trade shows and has experience working alongside businesses in trade shows. A professional shoe shine service such as Klein’s Shoe Shine will help attract visitors to your trade show booth by subtly engaging visitors in the non-intimidating act of simply shining their shoes. When you reserve one or more of the company’s eye-catching and retro-looking shine stands and chairs, visitors to your trade show booth can receive a free shoe shine and become more inclined to pay attention to what your company has to offer. Existing customers are also not left out as they are equally rewarded with a free shoe shine. The shoe shine service can serve as a way to thank visitors and customers, new and old, for stopping at your trade show booth.

While your trade show competitors plan on using various seemingly outdated techniques such as loud music, models and clowns, in an attempt to generate some traffic to their trade show booths, your business can consider another method and hire a shoe shine service that will attract visitors to your trade show booth and keep them within the booth while you seal the deal! As visitors get their shoes shined, booth employees can engage them in conversation. Shoe shine stands and chairs can also be positioned so that maximum business messaging and communication can occur while visitors benefit from a relaxing, free shoe shine. It is a winning combination for all and guarantees a steady influx of visitors.

Consider the alternative. Clowns and magicians do not guarantee that visitors will actually enter the trade show booth. Similarly, hiring models may attract brief glances in the direction of your trade show booth. However, this tactic usually does not translate to the visitors actually visiting the booth that hired the models. In some scenarios, the models engage the attention of the visitors but not about the business. On the other hand, a shoe shine service provides ample time for real conversation that is directed towards your business. As the visitors relax in the shoe shine chair, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. Besides, they have nowhere to go for at least eight minutes as their shoes are being shined. These are eight valuable minutes to pitch your service or product to an attentive audience.

Thus, attract visitors to your trade show booth by hiring Klein’s Shoe Shine Service for your next trade show event!

Harry Klein Shoe Shine in the Montreal Gazette

Harry Klein in the Monatreal GazetteHe is already a local celebrity in Montreal for the way he has elevated ordinary shoe shining into a hot corporate marketing tool.

But it’s been Harry Klein’s move into manufacturing that has amazed his friends and acquaintances, and enhanced his reputation as a fascinating case study in entrepreneurship.

“I’m hoping to be successful – and I don’t mean by just making enough money to pay the rent,” Klein said of his foray into manufacturing shoeshine chairs as he munched on pizza in the food court of the 1250 Boulevard René Lévesque building.

Klein runs the shoeshine concession in the lobby of the downtown office tower, and because of that, “Harry” is on a first-name basis with many of the city’s top movers and shakers.

Many of these corporate bigwigs have some of the city’s top law firms on retainer, but Klein can brag about law firms keeping him on retainer. Klein has bookings with Heenan Blaikie every Tuesday morning, while Lapointe Rosenstein Marchand Melançon has him booked every second Thursday morning.

But that’s not Klein’s claim to fame. Rather, he has made a name for himself for the way he has moved into trade shows and cocktail receptions. One evening last month, Transcontinental Media paid Klein $500 to shine shoes at a cancer benefit it hosted in Ogilvy’s Tudor Hall.

Gaz Métropolitain, Cirque du Soleil and the TVA television network have also hired Klein to shine for them at trade shows or private receptions. Companies like Gaz Métro have found that hiring Klein to set up his shoeshine chair beside their exhibits at trade shows generates a lot of traffic. Last month Gaz Métro paid him $975 for one day of trade-show work.

“The thing is, once you are sitting in my chair, you are a captive audience for a salesman,” Klein said.

It was Klein himself who figured out the opportunities for marketing leverage in the shoeshining business. Now he’s gone one step farther and created a partnership with an Eastern Townships blacksmith to manufacture Harry Klein Shoe Shine faux art-deco chrome shoeshine chairs.

He’s sold 60 so far, at about $2,800 a crack, mainly to U.S. customers such as GMR Marketing of Chicago and Beam Global Spirits and Wine of Deerfield, Ill.

On a recent sunny afternoon, Klein drove out to Dunham to visit blacksmith André Boudreau, his manufacturing partner. Boudreau makes the chairs, which Klein designed, in a little factory out of his garage. Boudreau also manufactures decorative metal products for luxury homes, among other things. Klein found out about him from one of his shoeshine clients in downtown Montreal.

Growing up in Montreal’s north end – where he says he was the only Jewish student at John F. Kennedy High School in the St. Michel district in the 1960s – Klein admits he was never very good at school.

“But I always had the ability to make people feel good, and make people laugh,” he said. His mother wanted him to be a comedian. In the 1970s he studied theatre at John Abbott College, then went on to work as a radio announcer, Harry K, in Kapuskasing, Ont.

Returning to Montreal in the early 1980s during a recession, he saw an ad in a newspaper looking for people with the gift of the gab. Klein responded, and over the next 20 years became one of the city’s top telemarketers, specializing in the sale of promotional advertising like pens with company names on them. He earned enough from that to drive around town in a Cadillac. But it all came crashing down with a mid-life crisis he had seven years ago at age 52.

“I was spiritually, emotionally and financially bankrupt,” he said.

The owner of a hair salon on Décarie Blvd. let Klein set up a shoeshine chair in his shop. After 18 months there, one of Klein’s clients hired him to shine on behalf of a company that makes workboots, at one of the company’s trade-show booths. At that trade show, Klein realized the revenue potential in corporate shoeshine work.

“That’s where all the big contracts are,” he said.

Having seen for himself the marketing utility of shoe shining, Klein had his Harry Klein Shoe Shine company spin out a consulting division. Through this new venture, he is teaching people how to replicate his success in their own communities.

“Even though it seems like such a simple business, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye,” said Brian Hawkey, who does “weddings, corporate events and private parties” in Charleston, S.C. He came to Montreal for three days to learn from Klein and buy one of his chrome chairs.

Klein says he has a growing list of enthusiastic testimonials from customers.

“We were very happy with Mr. Klein and the service he provided for us,” said Nathalie Carbonneau of Transcontinental Media, the company that hired him for the Ogilvy’s event.

While at Ogilvy’s, Klein looked at the store’s famous window displays and wondered about the possibilities of moving into interactive exhibits. Through a contact, he made a pitch to Ogilvy’s about shining shoes in a window looking out on Ste. Catherine St.

Ogilvy’s responded by email while Klein and The Gazette were visiting Boudreau at the manufacturing facility in Dunham.

Klein fiddled with his BlackBerry after the call came in.

“It’s Ogilvy’s,” he said.

They were saying no for the moment, but weren’t ruling out saying yes later.

Klein plans to see the window people at the Bay. He visualizes himself shining shoes in a storefront window looking out on Ste. Catherine, beside a display of a fall shoe collection.

“I believe that interactivity is the future of window displays,” said Montreal’s premier shoeshine entrepreneur.

It may turn out he is right.

To see a video profile of Harry Klein by Montreal’s Urbania magazine, CLICK HERE

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Shoe Shiner for Trade Show BoothYou have finally been approved by the management and have the funding required for the trade show booth you have been brainstorming for weeks. Now the pressure is really on, not only do you have to organize and implement everything thats required to get a booth up and running in time, you also have to figure out a way to attract as much traffic to your booth as possible.

Participating in a trade show is an expensive venture and your boss wants to see results. You know that the competition is going to be fierce and you have to make a great first impression with those who will be passing by your booth. Ok so what exactly do you need to do in order to get the results you need ?

1. Bright colors; It is simply not enough to merely install a trade show booth and expect people to stop by. Just because you built a booth does not mean that you will drive traffic to it. The first thing that your booth has to do is pull the eye of possible clients and nothing attracts the eye better than bright sassy colors. Bright colors creates a statement and makes your booth stand out amongst the competition which is vital to your marketing strategy. This gives potential clients the impression that your booth is run by professionals who know what they are

2. Lights are also a very important factor for attracting potential visitors over your competition. Lights can transform a rather ordinary looking trade show booth into something spectacular. Think about how lighting effects are used in concerts and stage shows. There are many entertainment equipment companies that rent out special lighting effects systems that are easy to use and install for a reasonable price.

3. Another important contributor to your trade show booth success is sound. You may have seen some rather plain looking booths at trade shows that attract a lot of attention. It is certainly not the guy smiling behind the folding table that is tacked with cheap white vinyl covered with brochures, that is going to get anyone’s attention The reason why he is smiling is because he is attracting attention since he has some great music or some other type of audio promotion going on.

Lights, color, and sound are the very basic elements your company needs be successful at any trade show marketing event.

Nowadays having bright colors, lights and sound are only a part of the marketing tools used at trade show booths to attract customers.More than ever, entrepreneurs at trade show booths are becoming more and more savvy with their marketing strategies. More and more trade show exhibitors are incorporating entertainment such as magicians, dancers and shoe shiners at their booths. However it is important to ensure that the entertainment is relative to your product. Dancers and magicians provide good entertainment, however it is important that the customer remembers your booth for the product or service offered and not only for the entertainment it provided.

One type of entertainment that attracts a lot of people and which also offers a great service at the same time is having a shoe shine stand at your booth as an attraction. This is always a crowd pleaser, and is an effective strategy to keep people at your booth. Unlike other types of attractions, where a potential customer is merely an elusive observer who can leave at any time, a person sitting in a shoe shine chair for a few minutes will give any sales rep an opportunity to break the ice and leave a more lasting impression about the company’s product or service in the customer’s mind. This makes for a great lead building strategy at the very least.

So if this is your first time, and your the person in the company that is responsible for organizing the next trade show event, these helpful tips should help you enormously in achieving a successful show.

Shoe Shiner for Cocktail PartiesCocktail parties are gaining popularity as hosts and event organizers figure out the best way to entertain a variety of people. Such parties can be convenient ways to become friendly with neighbours as well as entertain colleagues and potential clients. Every cocktail party host or organizer wants their cocktail party to stand out. However, cocktail party ideas can be wild and weird. Other cocktail party ideas can be extremely boring and quite outdated. Which cocktail party ideas work and which ideas should cocktail party organizers sweep away forever?

Here is an idea that may be somewhat out of the box for some people. For your next cocktail party, why not hire a professional shoe shine service?

At first, you may gasp in disbelief. Hire a professional shoe shiner for my cocktail party? From a basket of cocktail party ideas, why would anyone connect a shoe shine service to a classy cocktail party?

Yes, you can hire a professional shoe shiner for your next cocktail party. A professional shoe shine company like Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Company can add a touch of class and renaissance to your cocktail party. It has been done before and successfully too. Think about it. A classy shoe shine stand will not take away life from the party. Contrary to ruining a cocktail party, a professional shoe shine service can help the party come together.

Harry Klein Shoe Shine has experience working in various locations and at different events including cocktail parties, corporate events, trade shows, exhibitions, car dealerships and numerous other events. With retro and classy shoe shine stands, Harry Klein Shoe Shine Company will blend in with your cocktail party atmosphere and will be a welcome attraction to your guests. Why keep a professional shoe shiner idle when you can get a free shoe shine while holding your drink? The presence of a shoe shine stand at your cocktail party will also become a conversation piece and serve as an ice-breaker for your guests.

So, hiring a professional shoe shine service for your cocktail party could be one of the best cocktail party ideas you can use. The presence of a professional shoe shiner can set the tone of the party. The atmosphere becomes relaxed and casual. People become less intimidated by their surrounding and can interact on a more friendly level. Similar to hanging around the water-cooler, a professional shoe shiner can subtly connect the various groups or clicks within the party. Let the professional shoe shine service help your cocktail party stand out and shine. Your guests will thank you and their feet will leave your party happy and in well-polished shoes

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