Attract Visitors to your Trade Show Booth by Hiring a Shoe Shine Service

Shoe Shine Trade Show EntertainmentThe trade show!! It is a bountiful opportunity to gain new customers while also keeping existing customers informed about your business, its new products and improved services. So, your business acquires a booth at a trade show. Next, you ponder over the best way to attract visitors to your trade show booth. Have you considered hiring a shoe shine service?

Hire a shoe shine service to attract visitors to your trade show booth. You may wonder if this is possible and if it will work? Also, what does your business have in common with shoes, shoe polish or even shoe shiners? Would the presence of a shoe shiner in or near your trade show booth interfere with the reputation of your business or the message your business is trying to convey?

Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine service has participated in numerous trade shows and has experience working alongside businesses in trade shows. A professional shoe shine service such as Klein’s Shoe Shine will help attract visitors to your trade show booth by subtly engaging visitors in the non-intimidating act of simply shining their shoes. When you reserve one or more of the company’s eye-catching and retro-looking shine stands and chairs, visitors to your trade show booth can receive a free shoe shine and become more inclined to pay attention to what your company has to offer. Existing customers are also not left out as they are equally rewarded with a free shoe shine. The shoe shine service can serve as a way to thank visitors and customers, new and old, for stopping at your trade show booth.

While your trade show competitors plan on using various seemingly outdated techniques such as loud music, models and clowns, in an attempt to generate some traffic to their trade show booths, your business can consider another method and hire a shoe shine service that will attract visitors to your trade show booth and keep them within the booth while you seal the deal! As visitors get their shoes shined, booth employees can engage them in conversation. Shoe shine stands and chairs can also be positioned so that maximum business messaging and communication can occur while visitors benefit from a relaxing, free shoe shine. It is a winning combination for all and guarantees a steady influx of visitors.

Consider the alternative. Clowns and magicians do not guarantee that visitors will actually enter the trade show booth. Similarly, hiring models may attract brief glances in the direction of your trade show booth. However, this tactic usually does not translate to the visitors actually visiting the booth that hired the models. In some scenarios, the models engage the attention of the visitors but not about the business. On the other hand, a shoe shine service provides ample time for real conversation that is directed towards your business. As the visitors relax in the shoe shine chair, they are more likely to listen to what you have to say. Besides, they have nowhere to go for at least eight minutes as their shoes are being shined. These are eight valuable minutes to pitch your service or product to an attentive audience.

Thus, attract visitors to your trade show booth by hiring Klein’s Shoe Shine Service for your next trade show event!

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