Shoe Shiner for Trade Show BoothYou have finally been approved by the management and have the funding required for the trade show booth you have been brainstorming for weeks. Now the pressure is really on, not only do you have to organize and implement everything thats required to get a booth up and running in time, you also have to figure out a way to attract as much traffic to your booth as possible.

Participating in a trade show is an expensive venture and your boss wants to see results. You know that the competition is going to be fierce and you have to make a great first impression with those who will be passing by your booth. Ok so what exactly do you need to do in order to get the results you need ?

1. Bright colors; It is simply not enough to merely install a trade show booth and expect people to stop by. Just because you built a booth does not mean that you will drive traffic to it. The first thing that your booth has to do is pull the eye of possible clients and nothing attracts the eye better than bright sassy colors. Bright colors creates a statement and makes your booth stand out amongst the competition which is vital to your marketing strategy. This gives potential clients the impression that your booth is run by professionals who know what they are

2. Lights are also a very important factor for attracting potential visitors over your competition. Lights can transform a rather ordinary looking trade show booth into something spectacular. Think about how lighting effects are used in concerts and stage shows. There are many entertainment equipment companies that rent out special lighting effects systems that are easy to use and install for a reasonable price.

3. Another important contributor to your trade show booth success is sound. You may have seen some rather plain looking booths at trade shows that attract a lot of attention. It is certainly not the guy smiling behind the folding table that is tacked with cheap white vinyl covered with brochures, that is going to get anyone’s attention The reason why he is smiling is because he is attracting attention since he has some great music or some other type of audio promotion going on.

Lights, color, and sound are the very basic elements your company needs be successful at any trade show marketing event.

Nowadays having bright colors, lights and sound are only a part of the marketing tools used at trade show booths to attract customers.More than ever, entrepreneurs at trade show booths are becoming more and more savvy with their marketing strategies. More and more trade show exhibitors are incorporating entertainment such as magicians, dancers and shoe shiners at their booths. However it is important to ensure that the entertainment is relative to your product. Dancers and magicians provide good entertainment, however it is important that the customer remembers your booth for the product or service offered and not only for the entertainment it provided.

One type of entertainment that attracts a lot of people and which also offers a great service at the same time is having a shoe shine stand at your booth as an attraction. This is always a crowd pleaser, and is an effective strategy to keep people at your booth. Unlike other types of attractions, where a potential customer is merely an elusive observer who can leave at any time, a person sitting in a shoe shine chair for a few minutes will give any sales rep an opportunity to break the ice and leave a more lasting impression about the company’s product or service in the customer’s mind. This makes for a great lead building strategy at the very least.

So if this is your first time, and your the person in the company that is responsible for organizing the next trade show event, these helpful tips should help you enormously in achieving a successful show.

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