Trade show objectives. Hire a shoe shinerIf you are thinking of participating in a trade show for your business, you should start your planning months in advance. Objectives need to be clear and carefully planned in order to accomplish any degree of sucsess. Lack of proper planning can seriously harm your image, your brand name, and cost you dearly financially.

By planning your trade show in advance and ensuring that all details are taken into consideration, such as trade show booth design and marketing strategy are of vital importance and should not be put together haphazardly.

There are four main elements that you should look at when planning a sucsessful trade show.




1.) What is your goal for the trade show ?

2.) What image do you want to project?

3.) How will you attract visitors?

4.) How can you conserve cash flow?”

Lets look at the first question,

1.) Some exhibitors participate in trade shows to sell their products and take orders during the actual exhibition. Others are there to network with other trade show vendors and establish contacts. And there are still others who attend trade shows to meet with their customers and collect leads to follow up afterwards. It is surprising to know that many trade show exhibitors do not have a clear goal in mind for their exhibitions. If there is no clear objective, you cannot plan your trade show exhibit for maximum impact. How well you plan is directly proportional to the degree of success you will attain at your next trade show event.

2.) You are in total control of the image that you project to the attendees that visit your booth. The trade show graphics displayed at your exhibition booth must evoke an emotional response from visitors as they pass by your stand. Any trade show booth ideas that you have
must clearly reflect and support the products or services you may be offering. Using certain startegies to attract visitors such as hiring special attractions such as shoe shiners and other forms of entertainment are also a great way to keep people around your booth.

3.) Conserving cash flow is obviously a very important factor, assuming that your trade show budget is limited. Therefore it is important to research what type of booth your are going to use, what size of booth you need, structure, graphics,and lighting are all aspects of planning that you will have to consider. There are many companies that specialize in trade show services that can supply you with the proper booth and other promotional materials such as lighting and setups.It is always best to shop around to try to get the best deal possible.

4.) Attracting visitors to your trade show booth is what it’s all about. If you can’t attract attendees and keep them around long enough to engage them, then the whole concept of participating in a trade show is worthless. Remember that you only have approximately 30 seconds to attract and impress your visitors. The design of your booth, graphics, sound, and outgoingness of the booth staff all play a vital role in achieving any degree of success. The competition is going to be tough, many of your competitors will have great trade show marketing strategies in place, such as great graphics, multi-media presentations, entertainment and so forth. Your booth is going to have to stand out and make an impact.

Finding innovative ways of attracting attendees to your booth is at the heart of the whole purpose of a trade show. So plan wisely, consider the type of clientel you want to attract and look for ways to appeal to your targeted demographic.

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