Harry Klein Shoe Shiner for HireBusinesses can hire a professional shoe shiner for trade shows. At first, this might seem like an unlikely match, especially considering the fact that your business has nothing to do with shoes, shoe polish or related materials. However, this unlikely pair can be just the idea that draws a constant influx of potential clients to your booth.

Trade shows are great opportunities to gain customers and communicate the business of your company. However, to achieve the maximum potential of acquiring booths at trade shows, businesses need to think outside the box about better ways to market themselves and ensure a steady flow of potential customers. A professional shoe shiner like Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine service can be hired to shine shoes at your trade show booth. By having a professional shoe shiner located inside or at the entry of your trade show booth, potential clients and visitors are drawn to your business. Existing customers are also rewarded by getting a free shoe shine.

In addition to boosting booth traffic in trade shows, hiring a professional shoe shiner can keep booth visitors occupied and engaged while you discuss your service with them. A free shoe shine leaves trade show booth visitors with a good impression of your business and your commitment to customer service. A free shoe shine can serve as a way to thank visitors that come to your booth. A professional shoe shiner at trade shows is a welcome alternative to other more common methods of attempting to attract customers such as loud music or models. Unlike music and models, a professional shoe shine service actually provides a useful service to visitors. Also, unlike music and models, a professional shoe shine service can deliver more tangible results in terms of actually getting people into the trade show booth.

With a professional shoe shine service such as Harry Klein’s Shoe Shine Service, you get a professional approach to engaging customers and making valuable use of their time at your booth. With intense competition from other surrounding businesses, your business needs to think differently about effective trade show marketing ideas. By spending time shining their shoes, customers at trade shows relax and are more likely to pay attentions to their immediate surroundings. Music, electronic gadgets and models that are geared towards enticing trade show participants to visit trade show booths can be extremely loud and distracting. This can make it difficult for potential and existing customers to focus on the information trade show booth owners are trying to communicate. However, getting shoes shined keeps the trade show participants inside or in close proximity to your booth and in touch with the message that the business would like to communicate.

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