Shoe Shine For SuccessBelieve it or not, people will judge you by your shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are well dressed, if you have personality, wit and charm. If you wear scuffy shoes, then chances are people won’t take you seriously.

Unfortunately, we live in a fickle world where appearances do matter. This is also a world where bad first impressions don’t merit a second chance.

How true that is for business. If you have poor looking feet, then your clients may not asscoiate you with succsess. Nobody wants to do business with you if they don’t think you are successful.

Succsess is in your attitude as much as it is in your appearance. Your shoes are part of your appearance.

When trying to make a great first impression, you better make sure you have all the angles covered. While it is important to be well groomed and to wear a good suit, your shoes must also shine. Sporting well polished shoes should not be considered accessory to your image, but should be considered compulsary !

Its amazing how a proper shoe shine can polish your image. Its equally a reality how a bad finish can tarnish it.

So if you want to make a good first impression, then its time to learn some good shoe shining skills.

Here are some basics.

The first thing that you want to do when you buy a new pair of shoes is to shine them before you wear them. Afterwards make sure that you shine your shoes on a regular basis. It is important get into the routine of good preventative maintenance.

Also,it is best that you put shoetrees in your shoes right after you take them off. This is when the leather is warmer and more flexible. Shoe trees will help keep your shoes in good form at all times.

Keeping the leather in good shape also requires the right type of protection. Mink oil is a traditional and effective way to preserving shoes. It keeps the leather moist and also protects them from water damage. The drawback with mink oil is its tendancy to darken lighter tinted shoes.

You could also use silicone spray which is an excellent way to protect and water proof your shoes as well. The benefTts of silicone spray is that it won’t affect the tint of your shoe leather, and it is very easy to apply.

Proper weather and water proofing is just the first step in good shoe maintenance. However You still have to know something about shoe shinning itself.

The best kinds of shoe shine polishes are wax, and or cream polishes.

Cream polish moisturizes the shoe by absorbing into the leather and helps keep the shoe leather soft and flexible . This allows the leather to breathe, and that prevents it from premature drying and cracking.

Look for a cream polish that contains mineral oil, as this is a natural product that offers excellent results and will not affect the color of your shoes.

Although cream polish is an effective way for shining your shoes , it is not as capable for removing scuffs or scratches as wax polish .

For the best results, you will want to use a good wax polish. Wax polish will remove stubborn scuffs and scratches alot better than cream. However wax has a tendancy to dry out your shoes much faster because it can seal the leather which results in cracking.

Most wax polishes contain harsh chemicals such as naptha, and turpentine which can result in the discoloring of the leather. however wax polish is your best option if your shoes are scuffed or scratched .

Ok so now you have a better idea about basic shoe maintenance. However you still need to learn how to create a fantastic shoe shine that will give off that great first impression.

First you need to put on some old clothes and spread some newspaper around as to not make too much of a mess. Wearing a thin pair of rubber gloves is also a good idea if you don’t like getting shoe polish under your fingernails.

Shoe shinning can be a messy job, you may even consider a professional shoe shiner if you don’t like the hassel of shinning your own shoes.

The next thing you want to do is clean off all the dust and dirt with a damp cloth. If your shoes are extremely dirty then you can use mild soap. Murphys oil soap is a good product as it will not damamge or dry the leather.

Once your shoes are clean let them dry for 5 minutes or so before you begin the polishing. Its always a good idea to keep the shoe trees in while shinning, as this will help to keep your shoes from collapsing when applying the polish.

You also want to make sure that the polish matches the colors of your shoes. This may sound obvious, but it’s a good idea to bring one of your shoes with you to the store to make sure the polish really matches your shoe color.

Believe me, you don’t want to start applying the polish to realize the colors don’t match, as that can be a dissaster, not to mention the time wasted in trying to undo the damage afterwards.

Stay away from liquid polishes, although they offer the conveniance of easy application, they can dry out and crack the leather. Do not use cheap alternatives, stick to wax or cream polishes.

Remember to remove the shoe laces, that way you can get a even coat of wax on the shoe tongue.

You can use a variety of things to apply the wax itself. A standard cotton cloth, old tee shirts, wet sponge and even old socks (best results when they are washed ) to name a few.

If you want, you can purchase a good horse hair brush or shoe shine dauber in your local pharmacy or shoe repair shop as well. If you use a dauber, you will need a different one every time you change the shoe polish color, say for different shoes. Just something to remember.

Its best to start applying the polish from the heal along the side , right up to the toes, and down the other side, using tiny circular motions to ensure an even coating. Take care not to over do the polish, an even thin coating is all that is necessary. Applying too much polish only results in taking a longer time to dry and may give you an uneven coat.

Here’s a couple of other shoe shine tips:

For that military shine, using warm water to apply the polish will make it much softer and easier to spread evenly, not to mention that the leather will absorb the polish much better.

After polishing, make sure that you buff your shoes with a good horse hair or chamois brush, , as this will remove any excsess polish and give your finish a deep rich shine.

For that finishing touch, no shoe shine is complete without the use of a good liquid sole dressing. Clean soles and heel edges are as equally important to your appearance as your hair and tie are.

As they say, the devil is in the details. Do not overlook this important factor.

So If you really want to succeed in this world, then you better have an appearance that makes you look rich. Nothing does that more effectivley than a great pair of shining shoes.

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