Shoe Shine Service for Trade ShowsFor many years the shoe shining service or shoe shine stand in our society has slowly evaporated into the mists of time it seems. There was a time when a shoe shine stand would be a common site in public areas, such as bus and train stations and many other visible places in town. Now when we think of shoe shining, we tend to think of some sort of old fashion trade that has disappeared. We think of a past era akin to the good old days when things were simpler and there was true quality and sincerity in what people did.

Well times have changed. We are a more cynical generation, this is the world of fast food, television and disposable items. When do people have time to sit and get their shoes shined in today’s hectic society? When do people actually receive a quality service for a great price
nowadays? When does somebody actually have any real sense of pride in what they do anymore ?

Well its funny how things change and how things stay the same.

What I mean is that shoe shining has experienced a bit of a renaissance in the past few years. You may be asking yourself how can that be ? Where have there been any shoe shine stands around lately ? Well for one shoe shine stands have become a great attraction at trade show booths in the past couple of years.

Many savvy trade show marketers have been turning towards more innovative ways to attract attendees at their booths. Gone are the days when a trade show booth merely had to exist to drive traffic. In these competitive and tough economic times, a good marketer knows that he /she will have to think outside the box and offer something new and exciting that will entertain yet offer something of quality that people can really appreciate.

People have grown blasé over the usual gimmics used to attract and “entertain” at trade shows. Slot machines, giveaways, magicians and show girls will probably attract visitors to a particular exhibit, however in many cases these ‘attractions’ are more like distractions. It is nice to
attract people around your booth but it is important that the focus is your company’s product or service and not the pretty girl with ample body parts prancing around in a bikini.

The beauty of having a shoe shine stand as an attraction is that it offers a valuable service, is entertaining, and most importantly keeps people at the exhibit longer than most attractions.

Remember, a potential customer will have to sit for a few minutes while getting their shoes shined and this can offer a great opportunity for any sales rep to break the ice in a casual manner. It’s one thing to have someone distracted by cheap ‘entertainment’ , its another to be able to use that attraction as a tool to engage in conversation with a potential client.

This is why the shoe shiner and his /her shoe shine stand is growing in popularity with not only trade show exhibitors , but also car dealerships, banquets, cocktails, and many other types of events.

It is a traditional service that offers quality, entertainment and class. So the next time you are planning to participate at a trade show event, or planning any other type of venue, remember that you can always count on the shoe shine service to create a quality attraction that people will appreciate and remember.

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