How to start a shoe shine businessWith todays job market uncertainties, many people are a considering working for themselves. There is a great appeal to the thought of being able to leave your dreary nine to five job and become financially independent. We love the notion of being able to “fire our Boss” and becoming our own bosses.

In fact there has been a dramatic shift in the past few years from people who used to work for an employer who have switched careers to running their own businesses.

I’m sure most readers will not find the concept of a shoe shine business very appealing at first. We may envision some poor individual bent over some rich man’s expensive shoes, laboring away to please him , with the shoe shiner’s hopeful expectation of receiving the client’s benediction and a few lousy cents. We envision the lowly shoe shiner, pathetically grateful, bowing humbly while repeating his many thanks to the point of annoying his customer.

I know that may sound rather sad, however I’m sure that this is the image we get when we think of a shoe shiner sitting at his shoe shine stand patiently awaiting, and ever thankful to having another customer.

Well times have changed.

Harry Klein is the perfect example of the successful entrepreneur that has climbed the ladder from humble beginnings to becoming the proud owner of North America’s most successful Shoe Shine business, The Klein Shine.

Having said that, just like any other business, it has not been an easy climb. To become truely successful, Harry Klein has had to become an unstoppable one man marketing machine, spending hours every day calling prospective clients and pitching them on
his unique shoe shine service. Mr. Klein’s objectives were clear, he understood the niche market he was in and realized that the
best way to exploit and capitalize on the services he offered was to enter into the trade show entertainment business sector.

Since 2003, his KleinShine Shoe Shine service has “shined” at literally hundreds of trade shows and conventions all over North
America and Europe earning him the moniker ” The King of Shine” amongst his peers. As funny as that may sound, he has become
the highest in demand shoe shiner in North America today.

What makes his shoe shine business so succsesful, is the fact that his shoe shine stand can drive an immense amount of traffic to his client’s trade show booths. This in turn has helped his clients boost their sales without having to be too pushy with trade show attendees.

A shoe shine stand is a powerful marketing tool for any trade show booth exhibitor, it offers a useful free service to customers, it keeps visitors at an exhibition booth longer than any other type of trade show entertainment. Having a shoe shine stand at a booth also give the sales represenatives a chance to break the ice with potential clients in a casual manner.

However owning and operating a shoe shine business is not for everyone. There is the grueling task of building a steady clientel, not to mention the long hours standing at the shoe shine booth shining customers shoes, and just as importantly, one must develop the necessary skills on how to shine shoes at a professional level. A professional shoe shiner must also have the proper equipment, such as a comfortable, attractive professional quality shoe shine chair that is easilly transportable,and not to mention a professional shoe shine kit that can accomodate every type of shoe.

In conclusion, operating a professional shoe shine business requires determination, drive, good marketing skills, great shoe shining skills and also a little investment for the right equipment. Howver, if you have what it takes and have a passion for this type of endeavor, you can find yourself in a very prosperous business .

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