How to start a successful shoe shine businessStarting any business requires knowledge, planning, preparation and dedication. The shoe shine business is not different. Harry Klein started the Klein Shoe Shine Service from humble beginnings and the business has become one of the most successful shoe shine businesses in North America. With a wealth of experience, Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine offers consultancy services directed at preparing and guiding entrepreneurs as they desire to start their own shoe shine business.

The shoe shine business may not be regarded by some as a fruitful endeavour. There are those who would turn up their noses at such a venture. However, starting a shoe shine business can be a successful undertaking. A person dedicated to a chosen path can bring success to it. Dedication can also help people overcome challenges and setbacks that could occur when starting any business. Hence, it is also important for people to consider the reasons they have for starting their own shoe shine business.

Many years ago, shoe shine stands could be found everywhere. From street corners to railway and bus stations, shoe shiners of various varieties could be found earning a wage and putting food on their tables. The appeal of the shoe shining trade was the relative ease with which a shoe shine business could be started. Many famous people were shoe shiners in their early days. Shoe shining was a quick way to earn a living or to acquire some spending money. Years ago, the location of your shoe shine stand was a major determinant with regards to how successful your shoe shine business would be.

Today, your shoe shine location is just as important. However, your typical shoe shine stand has evolved over the years. Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Stands retains some of the classic shoe shine touches of the past such as the company’s eye-catching retro shoe shine chairs. A modern twist on a historic trade adds a touch of class and can help your business stand out. However, having the equipment and materials to start a shoe shine business are only part of the equation for success. You must develop the skills needed to provide quality shoe shine service. You also need to determine the niche market to which you will provide your services. This can be the most time consuming aspect of starting a shoe shine business.

You need clients!

Dedicate yourself and business to making phone calls and chasing leads. Advertise your services and be innovative in terms of where your services could be required or appreciated. Rather that remaining in one shoe shine location or having stands in one part of the city, consider shoe shine business models that including diverse locations such as car dealerships, auctions, trade shows and corporate events. People appreciate getting their shoes shined, especially by professional shoe shiners who know their trade, proudly shining shoes and putting smiles on the face of customers.

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