Shoe shine trade show marketing serviceMarketing is an important part of trade shows. Acquiring a booth at a trade show is just one step towards showcasing your business. However, without effective trade show marketing, you could be pushing your potential customers in the direction of your competition as they walk past your trade show booth. To gain an edge over the competition, businesses need to seriously consider effective trade show marketing ideas. So, what effective trade show marketing ideas can your business use at the next trade show event?

Klein’s professional Shoe Shine Service has a great trade show marketing idea for you: Hire a professional shoe shiner for your trade show booth. Various trade show marketing ideas exist including the use of numerous gimmicks and attractions. So, what makes hiring a professional shoe shiner one of the best trade show marketing ideas? Having a professional shoe shiner, such as Harry Klein Professional Shoe Shine Stand place one or more of their eye-catching retro shoe shine chairs in or around your trade show booth, is just the idea that can generate the traffic you need during your trade show events.

Competitors and other business would most likely bring out the usual models, clowns, magicians, loud music and neon-coloured presentation screens to divert trade show visitors to their booths. Such trade show marketing ideas could gain the attention of trade show participants but do they really deliver the required results of actually getting visitors to your booth? Unlike hiring a professional shoe shiner, loud music does not guarantee that trade show participants will end up spending time in your trade show booth. Similarly, magicians, clowns or jugglers may be able to engage participants by putting on brief performances. These acts can draw a crowd, which is great. However, when the performer’s act is over, the crowd quickly disperses. In instances where the trade show booth owners are able to engage a few participants after the performances, it is usually difficult keeping the flow of potential customers in or around the booth. Many times, people watch the performances and move right on.

Hence, when considering trade show marketing ideas, consider one that works and generates the required output. Hiring a professional shoe shiner for your trade show booth may seem to be an unlikely match for your business, but it is an effective way in which to gain steady trade show traffic and give visitors an opportunity to actually communicate with the business. Hire a professional shoe shiner for your next trade show event. Hiring an experienced trade show shoe shine like Harry Klein Shoe Shine might be just what your business needs for a successful trade show outing. Reserve your shoe shine stands today!

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